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Facebook Customer Chat — Customizable Live Chat for WordPress

Get the Real Customer Chat by Connecting Your WordPress Website and Facebook with the Live Chat in a Few Clicks

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What We Offer

Facebook Customer Chat is your magnificent opportunity to achieve:

Design Customization

Choose button position, text and elements color, custom tooltip options and more.

WordPress Widget

Use this tool as convenient and flexible as any other native WordPress widget.

Easiest Work Flow

Beginner-friendly interface demands no special knowledge to work with.

Guaranteed Message Delivery

Your message will be delivered to a user personally and has the best chances to be read.

Best User Engagement

Facebook messages are 10 times more effective then newsletters.

Improved Conversion Rates

Individual promotions will motivate users to buy further and further.

Strong User Trust

Fast and useful replies are the key to user’s heart.

Perfect Branding

Successful brand strategy begins with the attention to client questions.

Full Control on Leads

You get the first contact with any potential customer and all opportunities to keep him interested.

Estimate the Advantages of Facebook Customer Chat Plugin with Our Live Demo. Get it now or keep scrolling to learn more.

How Does Facebook Customer Chat Work

A brief look at the Facebook Customer Chat`s main features:

  • The opportunity to set up a live Facebook chat directly on your WordPress website.
  • Simple and convenient interface of a WordPress widget already known by the most website owners.
  • Advanced styles and position customization options in a beginner-friendly dashboard.
  • Flexible fine-tuning based on user roles and devices, specific website`s categories and pages.
  • Custom tooltips to guide a new user on your Facebook live chat on the WordPress website.

Why Facebook Customer Chat?

We are the strong team of WordPress developers with a wide experience in creating and supporting different types of social plugins for WordPress.

We know exactly what a WordPress administrator wants and needs. That is why we try to provide you with the best WordPress tools among the existing.

Furthermore, we are always ready to provide fast and efficient user support for any questions you have while working with Facebook Customer Chat plugin.

Key Benefits

Facebook Customer Chat plugin is useful and profitable for:

Social Media Marketing

Improving the engagement of your subscribers.

Branding Strategy

Getting social media users acquainted with your brand.

Growing Sales

Increasing the conversion rate naturally.

Supporting Customers

Providing a lightning-fast responses to users` questions.

Building Your Community

Attracting new visitors and keeping your subscribers interested.

Staying Updated

Creating unique and useful content with individual approach automatically.

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